Leads-in-a-Box Campaign

Kick-start your business-to-business (B2B) lead generation to promote a specific product or service through digital marketing channels.

About the Service

With Leads-in-a-Box, test new markets and products through a low-risk, high-return lead generation campaign to secure marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and guide future strategies. Executed for more than 50 Microsoft partners worldwide, our most popular offering is a great place to start your demand generation.

This 12 week program includes: campaign strategy, Microsoft partnership education and strategy, goal setting, target customer identification, localized messaging (multi-language capabilities available), pay-per-click ads on Google and/or LinkedIn, weekly optimization, reporting and insights.

Partner benefits
  • Quick and effective: In just 90 days, you will have concrete evidence to suggest whether your GTM strategy is a success or requires adjustments
  • Usable assets: Gain a suite of assets for use and repurpose in future campaigns and digital marketing activities
  • ‘New market’ plan enhancement: Receive recommendations for opportunities and GTM plan enhancements
  • Promote AppSource and Azure Marketplace listings

Key Results

  • 25-200 leads average depending on target market and desired lead maturity
  • Insights into target market and customer to validate product-market fit
  • Ability to test proofs-of-concept (POCs) quickly and get the results necessary to develop a more extensive lead generation or nurture strategy
  • 5+ page report plus weekly reporting with real insights from digital platforms like LinkedIn and Google Ads, key learnings and actionable recommendation
  • Multi-language capability for local campaigns available


  • USD $9,900 + USD $2,500 minimum ad spend

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