Digital Sales Call Down Campaign​

Drive solution awareness by engaging with and nurturing existing leads through tele-sales to further qualify leads while collecting marketing intelligence and insights. ​

Digital Sales

Engage deeply with your customers through our social selling skills,
commitment to active 
listening, and use of digital marketing tools. 

Is your in-house team struggling to follow up on marketing leads? 
Are you missing major business opportunities hidden in your pipeline?
Is your qualification process lacking or not 
happening in a timely fashion? 

The time for digital sales is here.

Our team of highly-trained technology experts will engage with your leads via a series of direct reach-out methods including phone calls, emails and 1:1 LinkedIn messaging. We qualify leads so only the best quality opportunities make it to your sales team’s desk.

Contact & Database Management | Social-selling skills | Multi-touch tele-sales motion

Partner Benefits

Key Results:

  • Convert marketing leads to qualified sales opportunities
  • Contact enrichment for future sales and marketing campaigns 
  • Gain market insights and intelligence
According to McKinsey, top performing sellers leverage digital selling skills to outperform their peers in pipeline generation by 3-4x. ​

Transcends is here to help you succeed in digital selling.

Our roots run deep in technology partnerships. Looking to expand your digital sales?

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