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Employing full-stack digital marketing strategy, we develop and deliver high impact lead generation campaigns, maximizing your business's digital potential.

B2B Marketing Specialists
At Transcends, we specialize in business-to-business (B2B) marketing that generates leads, accelerates pipeline velocity, and closes deals. We are experts when it comes to LinkedIn and online marketplaces like AppSource and Azure Marketplace.
" Transcends helped to digitally transform our business and greatly enhance our marketing maturity. They activated core aspects of our Microsoft partnership including achieving our "Co-Sell Ready" status, secured over $100,000 of MDF funding, built our AppSource Marketplace listings which generated 210,000 downloads in the first 12 months (top in the world at the time), and ran a series of go-to-market campaigns that generated nearly $13 million in sales qualified leads. We won 2 Microsoft Partner Awards that year."
Damon Kelly
CEO of Enlighten Designs / Enlighten

Where it all begins, the kick-off. At Transcends, we are experts at Go-to-Market. We assess your business goals and current marketing strategies. Powered by your insights, the investigation begins. We explore the best route in terms of digital platforms, content strategies, project scope – then execute.

  • Digital Marketing Assessments
  • Go to Market strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Marketing Strategy Workshops
  • GTM planning with Microsoft
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is continuously evolving. The Transcends team understands the complexities of ever-changing environments. We pursue what works and deliver best-in-class ROI for both clients and technology vendors.

Digital Marketing Services
  • B2B Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Channel Marketing Campaigns
  • B2B Sales Enablement
  • Training and Education
Virtual Events

In a world where digital transformation is paramount, organizations are shifting their focus into the production of virtual events. We create unique & engaging experiences, we’re here to map your customer journey and find a creative way to recreate it online.
We produce webinars, workshops & training, and virtual conferences

Spotlight – Driving Leads to Microsoft's flagship Marketplace

The Transcends team has been working closely with Microsoft across Asia Pacific to enhance the digital marketing maturity of their ISV partners (independent software providers) as the world leading agency for AppSource and Azure Marketplace. By creating, optimizing & promoting listings for Microsoft’s online marketplace, selected ISVs received evergreen digital marketing content to enable them to receive leads in perpetuity. Working with ISVs in Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the Transcends team productized their technology solutions to be easy to purchase online. This has enabled these ISVs to close deals faster, monetize their pre-sales activities and geographically expand into new markets.

"The Transcends team has become a local extension to our global marketing team and have been delivering industry-leading MQLs during an immensely challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their exemplary customer service gave us comfort in a challenging time and has led to us exploring full GTM management services."

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